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Josefina Rozenwasser Marin is a multifaceted professional with a background in sound design, creative exploration, Sex ed, and entrepreneurship.

She has been working as a Sound Designer and Creator with a particular focus on promoting sex-positivity, sexual education, and adult content and entertainment.

Josefina is known for her collaborations with prominent figures and organizations in the industry, including Endel, Erika Lust, Emjoy, Rosy, Cheex, and many others.

For years, she has worked to improve people's intimacy through sound, studying how it impacts the body and the brain, while also creating sound pieces to achieve this.

Notably, she is poised to assume the role of CEO and Co-Founder at 'Sexify,' an exciting and promising venture in the field.

She is also a musician, composer, and performer.

Definitely, she's not your typical entrepreneur, musician, sound designer, or composer, but she's undoubtedly a tireless researcher and hard worker that loves challenges:)

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