I’m a Sound Artist/Designer, Music Producer, Singer, Composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Barcelona.

I work as a composer and sound designer for different TV Shows, Theatre plays, Video games, Motion Design, and Video Performance. 

I have my own studio in Barcelona, and work in Audio Post Production and Sound Design as regular collaborator with Erika Lust Productions and also as Narrative Audio Producer and director, creating Erotic Stories for Emjoy App .

I toured Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Spain, United States, Spain, China and Korea.


In 2016, I was an Artist in Residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel (Shanghai, China) where I began working on the first album of Cauces (Chinese poems + New Music). In October of 2017 I moved to Barcelona and took part of Jiwar, Art Residency, where I carried out the project SOMOS which consists in making an Audiovisual installation putting to music poems written by female poets with gender perspective 

Nowadays I'm working on a new sound Installation called Ruido Polifonico and I’m the director of Blaze, Porn Sound Pieces, a post porn sound project.