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Workshop: Tango for Singers

Presented by: Josefina Rozenwasser 


This workshop covers both theoretical and practical topics.The theoretical section focuses on understanding the roots and the context in which this genre was born, and the emergence of the vocalist. The practical subjects will aim at technical and expressive aspects of tango singing. Closing the workshop, the participants will give a concert in which they will apply all the tools they were given during the activity. Both, the final performance and the classes, will be accompanied by the Argentinian guitarist Matías Albamonte and Josefina Rozenwasser on Bandoneon.

In case participants don’t have previous Spanish phonetics knowledge, we can give a preceding two-day workshop.

day 1 and 2

-Participants and presenters introduction.

-Brief overview to the genre

- Tango : Birth and Influences. “Guardia Vieja y Nueva”: Old and new School.

-Opening performance by Josefina Rozenwasser (Voice and Bandoneon) and Matías Albamonte (Guitar)

day 3 and 4

-Song structure and poetry

-The tango singer

-The role of the singer throughout the history of the genre

-The transformation of repertoire thru time.

-The singer and the orchestra -Gardel and his influence on Tango.

-Women as Tango performers

day 5

Lyricists and Composers-Contursi-Homero Exposito-Homero Manzi-Horacio Ferrer-Discépolo

Vocalists-Julio Sosa-Rivero-Gardel-Polaco Goyeneche-Ruben Juarez-Maizani-Falasca-Maria Graña-Rinaldi-Amelita Baltar-Singers of today


day 6 and 7

-The performer’s role.

-Phrasing in Tango.

-Style and repertoire tips

-Sing using the different kinds of phrasing.

day 8 and 9

-Practice with the songs that each student choose

-Reharsal with guitar player

day 10

live Concert given

by workshop participants

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